Carl,Do with as you see fit!! You’re the best!

Joe Viehbeck

To the Citizens of Buffalo & Residents of New York State:

Twenty years ago, I was fortunate to meet Carl Paladino through a mutual friend. I am a liberal Democrat originally from Western Pennsylvania and I am not on Carl’s payroll.

Carl is one of the most gracious, caring and generous individuals I have ever met. While Carl and I may disagree on many political points (not all) it has always been civil and respectful. Is he passionate about his beliefs? YES. So am I, yet isn’t that what makes our country unique, that we can disagree, yet not take up arms against each other as happens in many other countries.

In the twenty years I have known Carl, He has never uttered a disrespectful word towards a minority in my presence. On the contrary, in my presence he has been nothing but gracious to everyone we ever encountered including minorities. In my presence he has never expressed any sentiment of hatred towards anyone, black or white, rich or poor.

On the subject of Public Education, I believe Carl has fired his canon loudly to get people’s attention, to understand that the public education system not only in Buffalo but in major cities all across this country is broken. Why does a country such as Cuba have a higher literacy rate than the United States? Really! Come on folks, our system is not working! While Carl and I might disagree on how to fix the system we need to have the debate and start moving forward in a new direction. One thing I am sure about is that we can’t keep doing the same old thing over and over and expect new results. We all know what that is the definition of.

As far as New York politics goes, I watched Carl sound the siren call of corruption that is rampant not only in Albany, but in many state capitals across the country. We need a system that doesn’t gridlock itself because of political contributions to candidates who then become either paralyzed and can’t make a decision for fear of no more contributions, rather than doing what is right by the people.

Carl has been extremely successful in business and certainly could retire and enjoy a nice quiet life, but he doesn’t. Why, because Carl passionately cares about his city and state and the children who are going to inherit the mistakes of their fathers and mothers.

As for the Buffalo Media, as well as media across the country they are nothing more than mouth pieces for either the right (see FOX) or the left (see MSBC). Rather than being news outlets they have become story creators by attacking people they disagree with be it on the right or the left. America is not about right or left. It is about having a debate, making a decision then rolling up our sleeves and going to work.

If Carl would have just stuck to his topic it would not have been news worthy because that’s not what sells news. When Carl uttered the unfortunate words “Damn Asians” (for which he later apologized) the media pounced because that is what they sell, junk. And the real story was lost.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and good luck Buffalo and New York State.

Joe Viehbeck

Naples, Florida



I am with you and you are in our prayers, Carl.



You are 100% right on this issue. I have been told that many SUNY graduate programs are almost entirely filled with foreign and non-resident students. They justify this by saying that without these students, they would not have enough students to make the programs viable. This I’m sure is not true, but the cost to these students is a real bargain and subsidized by us.  Keep ‘Hammerin em’!



You’re the best, keep doing what you’re doing.



Carl is someone that any town, city, state, country would absolutely love to have as a resident, member or whatever because he shoots straight and we don’t get it anywhere else, nowhere!

If people would only listen, this whole country is crying for a leader and Carl is filling that role.

My God, how in the hell can you go through life, go through the motions like we are now. I’ve been in a fund for the past 6 years and I’m an upbeat person.

I’m 80, grew up in Cattaraugus County, Franklinville, and come back for the summer every year. We’ve got no leadership anymore, others try then they get shot down by the Unions and Dems….let the government take care of us type folks.

Joe D.


Amen! I cannot begin to tell you how upset I am with this unwarranted character assassination. People are such sheep.


Carl, Not just Asians and Indians but S. Americans, Mexicans, Middle Easterns, Africans, just about anybody that comes here and DemoRats want to make them their voters. They get priority of all our benefits while we work our butts off to make ends meet and send our kids to school.   My and your taxes are paying for them and we keep on getting left back at the end of the line.

What’s the use of being a citizen of American if America doesn’t take care of us first…



I didn’t hear the interview Mr. Tresmond references, HOWEVER, Carl Paladino’s dedication to improving the quality of life for all New Yorkers is obvious to anyone who sincerely looks at his life. As an entrepreneur builder, Carl consistently tries to rehab and re-purpose older Buffalo structures into modern and full functioned buildings rather than see our history simply knocked down.  Carl devotes his personal time to the Buffalo School Board so our children will one day have a superior education rather than the political friends-‘n-family carpet bagged mess it has been for decades. In his run for governor Carl tried to bring Conservative principles back to us. As to his detractors, like Rod Watson, some people take a lifetime to see the light, and some never manage to. William


This policy affected my son, a prospective med student at Georgetown. He was told by the interviewer that there was a significant percentage of foreign students that had to be placed at Georgetown, which, of course, drastically reduced the number of American students who had tax paying parents.  Very disheartening.



Thanks Carl. I was wondering what all this is about. Keep fighting!  Claudia


Carl,  I agree with James. The right to speak is everyone’s and you shouldn’t be chastised for doing it.

Stay strong, Carl. I learned a long time ago to consider a person’s intent when they are speaking. I am one of many who are proud of you and your relentless quest for excellence in the Buffalo Schools. I live in Clarence Center and don’t have my own kids, but understand that a young person ill prepared to function in society is tragically lost forever. What can they hope for in life if they can’t even read. Why the entire community isn’t 100% behind you I can’t understand. From myself and the people who get it, THANK YOU! For your effort, energy, time and perseverance. Buffalo’s resurgence will be incomplete without quality public schools.

It gives me hope when I hear you speaking up and standing up for the little guy and the little kids. Thanks Carl.




As you can see there are plenty out there, like us, who hate the bull that goes on. And there are a whole lot of people that want to pretend that they are soooooooo offended. It makes me want to vomit when they go into their act and show the greed of making a mountain out of a molehill. REMEMBER WE HAVE THE GRANNY LAW ON OUR SIDE. So say what you want and scream that you have freedom  of speech and do NOT burn the flag or spit at Vets…



AMEN, welcome to the liberal-owned media. Thanks Carl, for being real/honest/and direct.

Father Joe


Hang in there Carl-we know it’s just your passion for Western New York speaking. Too bad the media is not as passionate in the integrity of their reporting. I’m with James Tresmond, who is a true gentleman, all the way. Keep up the fight for us Carl.




Main Stream Media, including Buffalo’s is Liberal. They like to put us conservative people down. Too bad for them. Keep up the Good things YOU are doing.



Great article Jim, see if the Buffalo News would dare to print it.  Donna


Fantastic letter supporting Carl.



Thank you, John Tresmond, Jr.



Karl,  I do not know Jim Tresmond, but I agree with him !00%.  Jerry


I completely agree….keep up the good work. As a long-time resident of the area around UB’s South Campus I can assure you that UB spends a lot of money putting a positive spin on any bad news coming at them….in other words….they speak with a “forked tongue”……!!



Thanks James…

Dear Carl,

I am so disappointed in what the media in Buffalo is doing right now. This is a great injustice to you, one of the only true advocates that fights for the best interests of the community of Western New York. Feel free to post the below comment wherever you’d like.

Sincerely,  James Tresmond Jr.

It is absolutely outrageous that they are holding Carl Paladino’s feet to the fire for this comment.

Listen, watch the original video yourself and you will understand that he was simply stating that in America it’s outrageous our universities will sponsor and pay for foreign students before our own. It’s necessary to look for intent rather than just smear a person based on a quote taken out of context. “Damn Asians” was clearly an indelicate colloquial way of expressing frustration against the fact that the schools are subsidizing foreigners instead of Americans. It’s a simple fact that over 90% of these foreigner subsidized students are Asian (mostly Chinese and Indian). It was clearly intended to show frustration at the makers of the policy — not the race of people. If you listen to the original video, it’s crystal clear he is talking about the fact of the geographical location of these people outside of the United States — not their race.

It could have been any group of people that are not American born. There was no hatred or ill will in the infliction of his voice while stating this. The expression comes out wrong when taken out of context but it was merely a way of showing displeasure against the idea of helping out foreign born individuals instead of Americans. The quote is also taken from an interview when Carl is trying to collect words in a passionate fiery way to express frustration against the policy. He was trying to continue the flow in the interview as quickly as possible and chose a wrong word choice as this was impromptu. It’s important to note that before most of these interviews with politicians for the media, the interviewer encourages the politician at hand to speak in a fiery and passionate manner. It’s very easy for a somewhat indecent word choice to slip in such cases.

The media in Buffalo should be doing the right thing, and that is not trying to smear a successful lawyer, developer, and politician who cares about the Western New York community. This is a smear campaign rather than a revelation about Carl’s true feelings.

Try to name one businessman that has contributed more to the Western New York Community over the years in the legal, entrepreneurship, and development sector and I guarantee you, you won’t find one. –

James Tresmond Jr.


By Carl Paladino

Despite what one may hear from Danny “speak wacky” Spewak, ‘cub journalist of the year’ on Channel 2 WGR TV News or may have read in the Buffalo News ‘oblivious to any reality’ editorial page, SUNY has set tuition rates for non-resident students at a highly subsidized level which is an unwarranted burden on the taxpayers in the most highly taxed State in America.  Non-resident students fill slots that could otherwise be taken by New York State residents who are financially unable to afford tuitions that are at least 35% higher in private schools. Many are therefore denied a higher education. Wasn’t the reason for forming the SUNY system to educate New York State students?

Non -resident SUNY students pay tuition and fees of $22,291/year.  In comparison, Canisius College tuition and fees total $34,690/yr, a difference of $12,299 or 35%. See attached.  The difference is actually much higher considering that the SUNY system is much less efficient in the cost of educating than Canisius.  New York allocates hundreds of millions of dollars per year to SUNY.  Why isn’t the tuition for non-resident SUNY students equal to the actual cost of educating those students who, after they graduate, are free to go anywhere in the world to live out their lives.

Is SUNY now in the money losing business of providing a college education to non-residents on the backs of our taxpayers?  Can the issue be discussed in public?  Is the academic establishment out of control?  Is it racist to talk about non-residents?  Have we now surrendered our right to debate such issues to the politically correct, whiney, overly sensitive pansies who need everything sugar-coated and play the race card with impunity?