Mr. Casserle, I filled out your survey. You know that there are not any “great city school districts” in New York. You also know the reason.

The Governor, our mayors, the New York State and local Legislatures and the press are a corrupt cesspool of cowardly, arrogant and liberal or RINO play-actors intent on keeping their voting base hungry and illiterate in the cycle of poverty in our urban centers. You are a part of that cabal of disingenuous heathens who perpetuate an education bureaucracy dedicated to self-preservation and unionism forever that has no interest in educating the kids in our urban centers.

Your survey was bull, probably directed more at preserving your job than actually seeking to achieve positive results for the kids. The Buffalo School Board is as or more dysfunctional as other urban Boards across the State. That will not change. The web of laws unique to New York, (the Taylor Law and the Tri-borough Law, a paralyzed Board of Regents now owned by NYSUT, a sniveling, wimpy and uninformed press and corrupt politicians like Sheldon Silver, Dean Skelos, George Maziarz, Tom Libous have sold out the people and built a web of obstacles to any earnest effort to change the system. Good strong men will not enter the arena because they know that the only solution for our dysfunctional urban education in N.Y. is to dismantle it and start over. Your membership and that of all the urban Boards love sitting at the table talking every issue to death. They lust the power.

The Romans did not create a great civilization with rhetoric. They did it by killing every adversary who got in their way.


From: Michael Casserly

Sent: Wednesday, November 11, 2015 10:09 AM

Subject: School Board Survey Great City School Board Representatives–

The Council of the Great City Schools’ leadership task force is asking that the organization reopen the school board survey that we sent you over the summer to see if we can get more responses from member school boards who did not respond. Our records indicate that only one or no school board members from your district responded, so we would like to ask you to distribute the survey (link is pasted below) to all your colleagues on your board and request their participation. The results are being used to help the Council substantially boost its services to its school boards. I hope you will help.

Board Survey Link

We would like to ask that surveys be submitted by December 15. Thank you so much and please let me know if you have questions or concerns.

–Michael Casserly

Council of the Great City Schools