Hi everyone,

We need your help. Over the past year we have been interviewing good republican candidates for the NY State Senate and Assembly, as well as the US Congress and Senate. Below is a list of our endorsed candidates to date.

The Senate candidates have promised to form an independent caucus and vote to replace Dean Skelos as Majority Leader, a symbolic act which will  let the entire Senate and Assembly know who they work for, that the status quo and other “cozy” relationships with Cuomo, Silver and the Albany establishment are unacceptable,  RINOS’s are unacceptable and the entrenched Albany establishment leadership is unacceptable.

In the Assembly it is crucial that we take away the veto proof majority from Sheldon Silver.

We seek legislators with intelligence and a heartbeat who will read Bills and vote on issues for the right reasons, not because the mope “GOP” leadership told them to do so with the threat of Cuomo’s intimidation.  We seek an opposition to balance the corruption and illusion of the Albany establishment.

Determine which candidate is in your district, or if none, reach out to one nearby and help him or her.  The hardest part of running is to get signatures on petitions. Our candidates are at a huge disadvantage.  In  most cases, they did not get the “Party” endorsement so the party is not getting signatures for them. It is up to our activists to get them enough signatures so our candidates et on the ballot for the primary and general election. Please help.  You did with my campaign for governor and we made history. We need you again.


Thank you all.

Carl Paladino



Neil DiCarlo, (R) Assembly NY 41st Primary on September 13th against incumbent Stephen Saland.   http://neildicarlo.com/home.php

Jim’s campaign needs help circulating petitions. Contact Tim Schorer 607-435-1623, Jim Blake 607 638 5491 or Ed Zaengle 607 321-4590.

Diane DiDonato Roth R-37 Senate District will primary on September 13th against (R) Bob Cohen for a seat being vacated by Suzi Oppenheimer, Westchester County. http://www.didonatoroth.com/

Assemblyman Sean Hanna– (R) is the 55th Senate Candidate to replace Senator Jim Alesi, who is not seeking re-election. http://assembly.state.ny.us/mem/Sean-T-Hanna/



David DiPietro(R) New NY 140th, Primary on September 13th against Dan Humiston and David Mariarcher

Assemblyman John Ceretto– (R) New NY 138th, against Robert Restaino (D)

Kieran Lalor– (R) New NY 105th, Lalor is in three way Primary – September 13th– against former Assemblyman Pat Manning and Richard Wager from Manhattan.  http://kml2012.com/

Karen Bisso– (R) New NY 115th, Primary on September 13th against incumbent Janet Duprey

Colon Schmitt– (R) New NY 99th, Primary on September 13th against Kyle Roddey, incumbent Nancy Calhoun (R)   http://www.nyforschmitt.com/about.shtml

Claudia Tenney– New NY 101st, incumbent Tenney, Primary against Brian Maher

Assemblyman John Ceretto- Newly redrawn 145th Opponent is Democrat Robert Rastaino http://assembly.state.ny.us/mem/John-D-Ceretto/

Bill Nojay- Running for NYS Assembly for the seat currently occupied by Assemblyman Sean Hanna. Current District 130




Frank Scaturro –(R) New NY 4th (Nassau County) against Carolyn McCarthy(D)

Mike Madigan – (R) Candidate New NY 26th against incumbent Brian Higgins (D)

Chris Collins Congressional Candidate– New NY 27th, Primary on June 26th against David Bellevia; incumbent Kathy Hochul (D)

Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle New NY 24th. Democratic challenger is Rep Dan Maffei. This is a re-match of the 2010 election.

Congressman Tom Reed, New NY 25 Winner of the three-way Democratic Primary will oppose Congressman Tom Reed on November 6, 2012.

Maggie Brooks– New NY 25th running against Congresswoman Louise Slaughter in the general election on November 6, 2012 http://www.maggiebrooks.com/


Bob Dieterich , Congressional Candidate New NY 21st is running against incumbent Paul Tonko (D) Election November 6, 2012 http://dieterichforcongress.com/




Wendy Long , Three-way Primary on June 26th against Bob Turner and George Maragos; Incumbent is Kirsten Gillibrand (D)